Complex Litigation

By it's very nature complex litigation has many intricate components. The ability to break down these intricate components into manageable, understandable, parts is essential for the successful settlement or trial of your matter. The only way to ensure you obtain maximum recovery for your matter is with lawyers who can take your case to a jury verdict. With over 130 jury verdicts, Hymanson & Hymanson knows how to win complex cases.

11th hour trials

If your settlement attempts have failed and trial seems  inevitable, you need to make sure you have the best representation possible.  We specialize in taking on matters just before trial. When the time comes to go to trial the only thing that matters is what is presented to the jury and how you are perceived by the court and the jury.  We have specialized and thrived in preparing, presenting, and winning cases for decades. 

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crisis management 

When the government knocks at your door or when you're about to issue a press release that could impact the survival of the company, you are in need of immediate attention and intense focus. The same is true if you must conduct an internal corporate or board investigation or deal with allegations of sexual assault/harassment. Open communication and a clear game plan are paramount to successful resolution of these situations. Hesitation is not an option. We have helped hundreds of persons and entities successfully navigate troubled waters.


White collar

When criminal allegations threaten the survival of your company or your personal livelihood, specific measures must be taken. If the allegations are fraud, embezzlement, sexual innuendo, or other serious crimes, you need immediate legal intervention by lawyers who have the background and experience to handle each scenario. We specialize in helping our clients successfully navigate and overcome white collar investigations. 


wrongful foreclosures

Sometimes banks make mistakes when deciding to move forward with foreclosure. When a bank  has wrongfully foreclosed or is attempting to wrongfully foreclose on your home, you need someone who knows how to stand up to the banks and who is not intimidated. Over the last several years we have done just that and in the process have recovered millions for our clients who have been victimized by the banks. 

catastrophic injury

When you or someone you love has been seriously injured you need information and the best results fast.  The stress and worry of recovering or taking care of a loved one can be all-consuming. To have lawyers who understand the emotional and medical pitfalls of rehabbing, recovering, and moving forward with your life is essential.  To get the results you deserve, you need a lawyer with passion, skill, and the ability to capture the hearts and minds of the jury. For more than three decades that is exactly what we have done.