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Why Phil Hymanson?

After nearly 30 years of working for large law firms, I am thrilled to have the freedom to take on representation without worrying about extensive conflicts. I've started Hymanson Trial Solutions as a vehicle to teach, consult, and mediate cases. As a trial consultant, I lend my trial prowess to helping attorneys gain the upper hand at trial, and as a mediator I utilize my "inside the pit" perspective to help parties resolve complicated matters. 

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Trial Consulting

Preparing for trial is difficult. Trial themes are what make cases successful. We assist in trial preparation with one-on-one consultations with focus on: 1) analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your case; 2) motions in limine; 3) jury instructions; 4) mock juries; 5) voir dire;          6) opening statement; 7) direct examination;     8) cross examination; 9) trial objections; 10) expert witnesses; 11) lay witnesses; 12) closing argument; 13) press releases after your victory. Consultations are available in half and full-day blocks. 

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Settling cases is easier said than done. With more than three decades of trial experience, and as counsel in hundreds of mediations, Phil knows first hand what it takes to get a case resolved. As a trial lawyer with a large state law firm, national law firm, and international law firm, conflicts always precluded Phil from acting as a mediator. Now free of conflicts, Phil is anxious to give back and fill the need for mediators from inside the pit. 


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